The Many Different Uses of Correx Boards

Many printing companies and graphic designers enjoy working with Correx boards in Witbank. There are many reasons for this, which we'll get into shortly. Let's first have a look at the different applications that this flexible and affordable material can be used for. The material handling industry in particular enjoys working with this material since it offers a lightweight and sturdy way to transport items reliably.

It is also a popular choice for use in point of purchase stalls and racks and can be used in packaging and display applications. The uses of Correx boards are really unlimited and when you make use of this affordable and effective material, you can help keep the environment safe as well.

The Many Benefits of Correx Boards in Business

The reason so many businesses and printing companies prefer working with Correx boards include that it is a competitively priced material that keeps costs down. Other reasons include:

Correx boards are resistant to rot and swelling, unlike timber;

It is incredibly easy to thermoform, while easily being welded and fabricated as need be;

This material is incredibly durable and impact resistant as well as easy to position and lightweight.

Low moisture absorbency and good fatigue resistance also contributes greatly to Correx boards' popularity in the professional industries.

These are only a few of the many reasons why it pays to make use of this powerful material in your marketing endeavours. At Minuteman Press in Witbank we make use of the very latest and most cutting edge printing and design technologies to help our valued customers get the best value for their money.

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