Types of Magnetic Signs

Magnetic signs are materials that can be used for a variety of purposes, including promotion or decoration. The signs, composed of vinyl with a magnetic backing, are often flexible and lightweight, allowing you to place them on almost any surface. These signs come in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Vehicle Sign

A vehicle magnetic sign can be used on a car, truck, bus or van with the purpose of advertising a business. Vehicle magnets are fastened to the door. The magnets are usually sold in pairs, with one sign for each side of the vehicle. For trucks, magnets can be applied to the tailgate as well. Magnetic vehicle signs can encompass graphics, logos and photos along with the lettering.

Lawn Sign

Magnetic yard signs are used to decorate lawns and gardens. Magnetic yard signs are interchangeable and can be displayed on yard stakes or wall plaques. A variety of themes are available, including patriotic, seasonal, holiday and floral designs. Signs are screen printed for outdoor durability.

Refrigerator Magnet

Refrigerator magnets are a way for businesses and organizations to gain exposure. The magnets, used to display items that include artwork, report cards and photos, can be seen every single day. Some magnets can hold up to five 20 lb. paper sheets. Magnets can be custom-made to display colour artwork, graphics and text. Gloss lamination protects against continuous handling and allows for the magnets to be cleaned easily, giving the magnets long shelf life.

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