What are the many benefits of correx boards for advertising?

Making use of correx boards these days as a cost-effective way of advertising, but businesses across South Africa and the world have come to realise how affordable this material is when used in outdoor advertising. Correx boards are economical and lightweight as well as waterproof and a versatile sign board that can be used for various types of advertising displays.

Why it makes sense to use correx boards

Correx is a name for corrugated plastic it is widely used in continents across the world, especially in Europe. With all the benefits this is the most popular marketing material currently used, since it only adds value to your business.

The following features make it highly desirable as an outdoor advertising product:


This feature makes correx boards perfect for outdoor use as they are resistant to rain and moisture, thus increasing their lifespan.

Non-toxic and chemical resistant

Another feature that makes correx boards more environmentally friendly is that they are toxin-free.


These boards are designed to be tough and durable, making them resistant to outdoor factors such as strong winds, sunshine and temperature variations.


Correx boards are highly flexible.

Printable for screen, digital and flexography

This fluted, extruded polymer can be easily printed on to create colourful, eye-catching images in any size.


Correx boards are cost-effective and, as they are fully recyclable, can be used an unlimited number of times. This makes them more environmentally friendly too.

Easy to print and handle

As mentioned previously, these boards can be printed on easily. Correx boards can also be custom die cut or hand cut to suit the customer's needs.


Because correx boards don't crack up like other plastic boards and because it is toxin-free it is environmentally friendly.


Since these boards are made of polypropylene they are durable and long-lasting, which makes it the most cost-effective advertisement material.

Correx boards are not only cost-effect and environmentally friendly, but it's also a flexible product that can be used for all of your outdoor advertising requirements.

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