Chromadek Signage

Chromadek signs are a cost effective branding method, that is hardy and virtually maintenance free. It is often used as an economical branding substrate by small businesses. Signs4sa will guide you in the presentation of your sign that will set you apart from your competitors.

These types of signage have a “call to action”, which in effect, can entice the customer to either walk into your shop or encourage them to make a call to enquire about your service and product offering. The role these signs play cannot be underestimated as it has a crucial role in promoting your business.

Chromadek is an epoxy coated galvanised sheet. The coating is pre-painted and baked and has a highly durable surface which is vinyl receptive. It can be used both single sided or double sided and a UV resistant paint or vinyl can be applied for extra protection against different weather conditions. These signs can be used internally or externally. The standard sizes of Chromadek sheets are 2450mm x 1225mm and or 3000mm x 1225mm. A few more panels can be added by joints to create a surface for a large format billboard. The thickness used in signage varies from 0.6mm or 0.8mm. Chromadek sheets can be mounted onto a square tube frame with or without beading. In some instances, it might be necessary to pan-fold the edges depending on the client's request.

Chromadek signs are cost effective and are relatively easy to install. These kinds of signage can be utilised for shop signs, offices, schools, churches, Complexes, Estates, Clinic signs (Outdoor and Indoor), Disclaimer signs, Safety signs, Road signs, Construction signs, mobile shop and Trailer Branding including portable displays such as A-Frames or Kiosk branded stands, but not limited to the former.

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